Most Rev.Dr.Bhagyaiah Chinnabathini,
Bishop of Guntur Diocese, Manager


Most Rev.Dr.Bhagyaiah Chinnabathini , Bishop of Guntur, is the Manager of the school. He has a Master’s degree in Literature from Osmania University, Hyderabad, and another Master’s in Education from Annamalai University, Chennai. He served Nalgonda diocese and abroad in various capacities and later also served in Germany as chaplain at Herford . Back in his diocese, he became director of the Kolping Centre and was in charge of the Diocesan Youth Centre. Subsequently he was appointed as assistant parish priest in England & parish priest in a parish Germany.He is an educator par excellence for having trained many priests serving in the different dioceses of Andhra Pradesh.

Correspondent's Message

Dear Students
As the future belongs to you. You have the responsibility of shaping the world. Become a leader. This is possible when you actively participate and benfit from the activities that go on in the school. Take part and excel in every way you can in every actively, make best use of all the facilities at home, in the school and in the country.Do not relax until you are perfect. You need to be successful member of your family, a respected student of the school and a proud citizen of our mother land.

Sr.Saveri, Principal,

LFS Guntur

Principal's Message

Dear Students,
I would like to extend very warm welcome to little Flower School. Each day, the parents,staff and students of LFS work together to create a supportive,cooperative and positive environment that establishes a safe and caring place for teaching and learning. At LFS we encourage students to be responsible for their learning and behaviour and we teach that excellence only comes through hard work and determination. Our Intention and hope is that our work and focus will enable students to develop skills, attitudes, knowledge and values that will allow them to participate and contribute positively in an ever-changing world.