Academic Activities

LFS not only teaches in traditional teaching methods but adopts new teaching methods to make learning interesting and fun for students. LFS has two clubs to perform Academic activities namely SMS & SLA.
SMS stands for Science Maths Social Club
SLA stands for Sports and Literary Association.

Here are some activities conducted by these clubs.

10th Class

Field Trip

Activities from 2 to 13th aug


2022-2023 Science day

kg activities 2022-2023


Investiture Ceremony

National Science Day : 28.02.2017

From a grain of sand to the vast galaxy, science uncovers secrets around you and me. such was the importance of science which plays a vital role in our life.

KG Activities

As a part of activity to the KG students, and to let them know the importance of taking fruits as a part of their daily diet, all the K.G students celebrated 4th February 2017 as the Flower's Day and 9th March 2017 as the Fruit's Day.

Flower's Day

Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you

Fruit's Day

Fruits are nature's candy

Colour's Day

Maths Club Activity

Social Club Activity

Language Club Activity

Science Club Activity

Computer Club Activity